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Author! Author! - The Writing Board Game

Designed by my husband. Blog post features a kitten and phrases such as "posmodern Postman Pat," "post-apocalyptic Pontins," and "psychotropic drugs." Take a look!


Just did a friends purge of people who haven't contacted/interacted with me. I did it quickly though, so I might have made mistakes. 

Random Research: Pantomime

New blog post on the history of pantomime.

Brian Katcher Author Interview

My first author interview with Brian Katcher, author of Almost Perfect, is up at the public blog.
New blog series: Random Research, at ze public blog.

Film Review: The Awakening

Now up at ze public blog:

TLDR; creepy, haunting, atmospheric. I didn't think the ending was a let-down, though others did.


My new public website/blog is now live:


Please visit!

This livejournal will only be used on a friends-only basis from now on.