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Books For Food

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I am a reader, a writer, an artist, a reviewer, a list-maker, a traveler, an ex-pat American in Scotland, a wife, a dreamer, a day-dreamer, a bit of a polyglot, an English degree graduate, a corporate librarian, and always wishing for more.

I like good books, good TV shows and films, new gadgets, seeing new places, learning new skills, accomplishing my goals, the smell of chimney smoke and the air when it has just rained, cozy jumpers, tea, coffee with Milo, baking, cuddling, and living.

I read mainly the following genres of fiction: fantasy, science fiction, mystery, horror, steampunk, cyberpunk, and the classics. I enjoy reading nonfiction about: psychology, neurology, finance, ancient history, sociology, anthropology, and whatever else captures my fancy. I devour books and I love excellent literature but I'm no snob.

This is my journal where I post a plethora of reviews and keep track of my progress as a writer. Occasionally, real life creeps in as well.

Sound interesting?